Super Sevins


8-month old Charlotte

I remember with Cole that 8-months to about 11 months was definitely my favorite age of the first year.  Charlotte is just so much fun now! She is starting to clap (one fist open, the other closed) and wave "bye" and "hi".  She loves to laugh, especially at Cole. Charlotte has also begun to exhibit stranger anxiety....let me rephrase that...."anyone-other-than-Mommy anxiety." As soon as I walk out of a room, she gets upset. She also gets upset if I put her down or hand her to Brendan! She is a super eater which is a relief compared to what I have to deal with Cole!  We've started her with puffs to learn how to grasp food and eat it, but she hasn't really got the hang of that yet!  She's still nursing which is great. I definitely have a better handle on BFing better than when I was doing so with Cole.   So, yea, everything is going really well with Miss Charlotte and we just love her to bits!

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