Super Sevins


Why so super, you say?

It may seem like a hokey name for a blog, but it’s better than ourplaceinthisworld.blogspot which is what I started the website with one day when I was seriously lacking in imagination. Brendan was my trial subject and he poo-pooed it, saying it was too cheesy. After telling Brendan “you stink” for knocking my choice, I grudgingly agreed.

I chose Super Sevins because Cole has a Junkfood Superman tshirt that he has loved to wear all summer. The first time he put it on, I told him it stood for Super Sevin and it just took off.

So, here we are…our little family of four. …..both Brendan and I agree that our family is complete now………enjoy our pictures and our stories. We love who we are and hope you do too…..even if you may not agree with us, at least you can read along and learn why we think the way we do! (Warning, I’m a big political junkie and since I agree with many of the Republican/conservative ideas, you’ll see lots of posts over the next several weeks. Brendan is involved as well, but is more so an Independent.)
Our old website will still be active for another 3 months so feel free to paruse if you wish. Also, if you are just so interested in seeing pictures of Cole when he was a baby then check out our old blogger site linked by my profile (Yes, we’ve been transient bloggers.)


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Welcome back to Blogger. I loved your mac site, but this is cool too! There are so many new things you can do.

And Brendan is a Republican ;)


Charles Brunet said...

Brendan - moving on over to the "right" side, huh?