Super Sevins


Corn Maze

How many adults and kids does it take to get out of a 6 acre corn maze? That would be 4 adults and 2 kids (babies not included) if you are the Rogers and the Sevins!  We have a farm in Londonderry that has a fantastic corn maze that took us an hour to get out of! This was mostly because we let Caden and Cole choose the directions for most of it and they kept leading us in circles. Our fearless leader, Rob, eventually got us out by using the direction of the sun, the way the corn was leaning....just kidding...he just has a great sense of direction! : )  Cole and Caden had fun being scared every time Brendan or Rob would jump out at them as they turned a corner and then likewise, the (little) boys "hid" in the stalks and scared other adventurers! Pretty funny.  

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kbguy said...

you have a great outing. But don't they itch ? The pumpkins farm must be real hot.