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Leaf Jumpers

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day.  Brendan was off at UNH homecoming and Cole Charlotte and I had a very nice day as well. Cole had soccer in the morning which he is loving quite a bit.  When we got home he wanted to build an obstacle course just like the coaches did at soccer and that was lots of fun, but the new game he loves is drop kicking the ball and kicking it. It takes some practice but he is getting it!  Most of the gorgeous afternoon was jumping in the huge leaf piles at our yard and over at the Rogers'.  Caden and Cole had a blast jumping in the leaves and throwing them up in the air!  Charlotte loved eating the leaves when I was not looking! Lots of fun for all.  I took over a hundred pictures and it was really difficult to choose which ones to post so that is why there is so many posted here. They all came out really really great!

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Amanda said...

Love the photos! I love fall! (Have I mentioned that before?) We did some raking and leaf jumping yesterday, so stay tuned for my leaf post :)

Great talking to you today!