Super Sevins


On Monday Applewood was closed so I was able to stay home from work and work part of the day from home. The other part of the day we visited Robyn, Morgan, and Gavin and had such a good time! We went to a local park where Cole and I worked on his "pumping" on the swings- he's such a big kid now!  We also went to my favorite toy store ever, Stellabella Toys. It's a good thing we are not closer or I would want to be in there all of the time! Ha-ha. The store had a display of stuffed animal birds from the Audobon Society. Each bird, when pressed, would "whistle" its respective tune. Cole and I were ecstatic to find the bird that sang outside our windows all spring...a Blacktailed Chickadee! We hadn't known what kind of bird it was and it was exciting for both of us to learn its name.  Cole and Gavin had a good time together as always.  Robyn and I had little time for girl talk as always with running after wayward children, but I cherish every time we get together.  It is always so much fun.

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