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A new era

Believe or not, I am one of millions of Americans who was incredibly proud that the country saw past color lines and elected an African American for president. That is a phenomenal accomplishment and looking back just 50 years ago within my parent’s generation, the civil rights movement was in full force, demanding equality. I can only imagine what this day must be like for African Americans everywhere. The dream has been realized, equality has been proven. For that I am proud of my country for evolving and can understand why people are crying over this.

For me, this election was never about that though. It was a contest between a far left Democrat and a liberal Republican. I’ve said this before, but I was not a huge fan of John McCain, never was. His idea of the Republican party contrasts sharply with mine. It seems the conservative Right had nowhere to go but to vote for John McCain.

That being said, the fact that Obama will be President does not mean that I now agree with Obama fundamentally and just because he is President-elect does not mean that I now support him in his ideals. Do I support the President of the United States of America? Yes, yes, I do. You’ll never hear me say, “He isn’t my president.” That’s ridiculous and I ridiculed that Dixie Chick girl for saying that about President Bush several years ago. I am an American and he is the American President. But I cannot support what he stands for and what his lofty plans are. His agenda is an attack on the values that I hold onto very strongly. I still do not see where he is going to bring a physical delivery of hope or positive change for this country besides the rhetoric so eloquently spoken in his speeches. As much as he says he is for all people, he has proven again and again that he only supports some of the people in this nation. I listened to pieces of his acceptance speech and read the entire transcript the day after. I understand why people are enamored by him. He’s a great orator. The question is, what will he do to support his ideas for change? What will he do to gain my acceptance?

At this time this is what Democrats like Chuck Schummer are doing to ensure their idea of equality. They are proposing legislation to make the Fairness Doctrine law. Obama has not come out and supported the Fairness Doctrine when he was asked about it but has said that he supports fairness in news media. Not a whole lot to grasp onto with an opinion like that.

With a free ride to pass anything they like, the Democrats are posed to pass the Fairness Doctrine as one of the first pieces of legislation next year. If you haven’t heard, the Fairness Doctrine will require all news media (aimed at talk radio) to offer balanced viewpoints. For example, if a particular broadcast station has Christian programming, they will be mandated to offer alternative viewpoints. If a conservative broadcast station offers talk radio aimed at (gasp!) conservatives, they will be forced to offer liberal broadcasting as well. In essence, “free” speech will be controlled. Don’t we already have a government sponsored radio in NPR? Who do you think listens to the Christian radio stations, to the conservative radio stations? There are enough news presence in paper and on the internet that enough can be heard about both sides. It appears only that they intend to cut back on conservative view points on the radio, that do not agree with the Democratic agenda.

The FCC stated, when they repealed the use of the Fairness Doctrine in the 1980’s, "the intrusion by government into the content of programming occasioned by the enforcement of [the Fairness Doctrine] restricts the journalistic freedom of broadcasters ... [and] actually inhibits the presentation of controversial issues of public importance to the detriment of the public and the degradation of the editorial prerogative of broadcast journalists," and suggested that, due to the many media voices in the marketplace, the doctrine be deemed unconstitutional.

In writing these notes on my blog, I am not trying to create an atmosphere of fear. Just because I do not agree with the politics of the current president does not make me a bad person. Funny how it is ok to sneer, to hate, to think ill of our current president, but now I become the bad person because I do not agree with Obama. This is America! Everyone is allowed to have their opinions. I am writing regarding facts and presenting my opinions as they relate to the set of values I hold dear. Differing opinions should be respected and yes, tolerated, just as much anyone else's.

You will all probably learn more about me than you ever really wanted to know. You have a choice whether you’d like to read these posts or not. Up to you. My purpose now is to put out there what is going on in the country, the world, and how it relates back to me and my family.

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