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Our weekend

We had a fantastic weekend. Brendan and I took Friday off (my last vacation day of this year...sniff, sniff).  Charlotte had her 9-month doctor's visit. She's holding steady with being 25% percentile for height and 50% for weight, doing just fine. We talked about the (lack of) sleeping and the fact that she has to be next to me, or rather the fact that she needs to still nurse all night. It's comforting for her and just plain easy for me!  But, it does create a rather restless night for both of us and I'm not sure how much longer I'll let that continue. She certainly does not NEED to nurse at night! : )  I do love the fact that I am still able to nurse her and definitely plan to continue at least until she turns one.  Cole stopped at 9 months and really never missed it.    Anyway, the doctor's visit went well and both Charlotte and Cole got their flu shots. One less thing to worry about this year! Cole also went to the ENT doctor who said the last tube in his ear is almost ready to fall out- we are hoping it falls out on its own and he won't need surgery to have it removed! Back in 6 months to find out.

And of course we had  an extra hour on Sunday which was wonderful. All days should be 25 hours long...I get so much more done!

I went to Michael's and picked up the remaining materials for the Christmas cards I want to create.  I have to focus at this point- it's going to take me weeks to make all of them!   So, that leaves me with the fact that I'm going to have to reduce the amount of blogging for awhile.  I'll sign on to post with any significant milestones of Charlotte's (or Cole's!) but regular activity updates will have to wait!  

Have a nice November!

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MIMI said...

All of the pictures and the blogging are so CUTE !! Please try to keep adding - if I can't see the grkids, I need to see them here...right everybody?!!