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2008 Christmas Tree

We picked out a really nice tree this year. It was freezing cold when we went, plus we woke up Cole and Charlotte from naps in the car to choose it so needless to say only Brendan and I were really the only ones excited about the tree at first.  Cole eventually woke up enough to be talking up a storm on the way home about decorating it.   We are crazy when it comes to decorating the tree- both Brendan and I can't stand to wait once we actually have the tree to start decorating. Since the following day Brendan was going to the Pats game and we couldn't wait until Monday night (too long!) we let the tree settle for a couple hours and then got going!  My job, as it has been every year since we've been married, is to put the lights and beads on the tree. Then we take turns with Cole putting the ornaments on. Of course we have Christmas music playing in the background-- a little Harry Conick Jr, a little Johnny Mathias, a little Muppets Christmas Carol-- you know, the standards!  I love each and every one of our ornaments-- they all have a special meaning. Brendan and I try to collect an ornament from each of our vacations or a place we have traveled to that holds special Kennybunkport.  I also have a lot of ornaments from my childhood as my Grandma and Grandpa Anderson would give me an ornament each Christmas.  Now, we are giving Cole and Charlotte an ornament each Christmas- something that has particular importance to the year.  This year Cole got a soccer ornament, Charlotte got a Lenox 1st Christmas rattle.  Cole also got an Amomidible Snowman (from Rudolph) as he is currently very intrigued by this character.  Charlotte was crawling around during tree decorating and just had a blast by herself. So funny with her- in some ways she is so much more independent than Cole and in others, so much more dependent on me.  Very different personality on this one!  

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