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Where have I been?

I've been blogging pretty regularly for years now...ok maybe just 2 and a half years, but lately I've been feeling a little blogged-out. I do miss it, I just had to take a break from it for a little while. It is was a little overpowering- what I wanted to express and where that expression was taking me. But, I'm back! Blogging has always been, to me, an online diary about my children and a place that I could one day go back to, to recall stories and events surrounding the pictures I take. I got away from that based on my (sometimes extreme!) passion for politics. Doesn't mean I won't throw in a political story or headline now and then, but I'll be back to posting pictures of Cole and Charlotte shortly.

Besides, this week is my last week to give a monthly update on Charlotte-next month she turns one!! Sniff, sniff. Always on the look out for Charlotte's adorable outfits-- I've already picked up her 1-year party outfit. Very cute.

Will post pics tonight or tomorrow night.

Welcome back to me! : )

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