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Not Me Monday!

Ok, I started it last Monday and I have to continue! : ) So, in line with, I have to report events that really did NOT happen in my life. Because if they really happened, I wouldn't tell you, my wonderful blogging community (all three of you! ha!).  

This past week I really would not be listening to the radio on the way home from work and certainly would not find myself bopping along to the American Girl radio commercial. What?! Seriously it is like a cheerleading chant..... if I did do this, I really would not also start singing along.  Nope!

I would come home one day and feeling chilled to the bone, turn on the pellet stove to one of the highest setting, turn on the oil heat upstairs to 70 and the TV room to 68 and turn them up again after Brendan turned them back down.  Wouldn't do it! I realize that heat actually  costs money! : )

I really would not share my bed with my daughter for the better part of the last year.  Would not keep putting off placing her in her own bed and certainly would not have issues discussing this further with Brendan.

Stepping out of this silly post for a moment- I really AM struggling with moving Charlotte to her own bed. Incidentily, a woman at work kindly told me that I am not co-sleeping, I am bed sharing.  I didn't realize there was a correct term for it! I think I am having a really hard time with it because I realize that when Charlotte moves to her own bed, she really should stop nursing at night because she relies on me to fall back asleep. I suppose she should learn to soothe herself to sleep at this point.  I suppose...but it is really hard. I don't know why because I was ok when Cole stopped nursing. Maybe it is because it seems to be more of an emotional bond between Charlotte and I...more so than it was with Cole? Maybe because I know she is the last baby I'll have and this is the last time I'll do this? Maybe I just do not want to have her cry? I actually haven't figured this out about myself yet.  All I know is that I am having a hard time letting go...and to be honest so is Charlotte.  So if it so hard for both of us, why stop?!  

Ok, that is a little bit of a different take on Not Me Monday.  One of those things that is the elephant in the room at our house....Brendan and I are discussing it and not discussing it at the same time. Arg....

Stay tuned...

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Amanda said...

Hey Kelly! Try not to stress about it! The US is one of a few countries where bed sharing (co-sleeping) is not the norm! Bed sharing is a natural approach to raising a child. You are responding to your mothering instincts by not wishing Charlotte to cry and wanting to soothe her when she does.

Whatever you choose, be comfortable with the choice.

Olivia is still in our bed and I know it is because I am not ready for her to leave. Of course, Damien is not giving me a hard time about it, so that makes it easier :)

Anytime you want to talk about it, let me know.

Also, visit Darcy's Attachment Parenting message board. The ladies there (including Darcy) all bed share and are very supportive!