Super Sevins


Yea for Sledding!

Have to take a bundled up photo every year! Charlotte was not pleased with me- mostly because she could not move. Cole could not wait to go sledding with Caden!

Oh, Charlotte did not like the snow and the cold. No smiles from her while we were outside! She doesn't like being all bundled!
Cole and Charlotte were pretty good sports even if they couldn't go sledding with the big boys! Lisa and I pulled them in the slides for a bit to keep them happy and then they watched while we snapped photos like the crazy photags we are!


Oh Cole and Caden had a blast crashing into one another and kept laughing and laughing!

Cole kept losing his boot! Only the right one though- so strange. We just doubled up on socks and that seemed to work!

The big boys had fun too of course!

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Lisa said...

Love the crash photo! They sure did have fun! And the snow in Brendan's beard makes me smile almost as Cole's hat (I love his hat! It is so happy!)