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Bike rides

This past weekend we were finally able to use the bikes and the bike trailer! Brendan and I really want to start getting in shape and get our heart rates up at the same time- so biking it is! The bike trailer works really well although Charlotte is not pleased with it unless she is moving! I pulled the kids from our house to the Londonderry playground and it was hard!! Mind you, I used to ride my bike everywhere when I was younger until I left college. I love bike riding and we plan to do this often throughout the spring summer and fall!!  Cole could not wait to go to the playground for the sole reason that he wanted to play tennis with Brendan. He really loves this sport. The Londonderry YMCA has lessons starting at 5 years old so if he is still interested at 5 we'll let him take lessons. We'll see! Interests change so often at this age!  Charlotte loved toddling around of course- she wanted me to put her on the "bumpy" slide over and over again.  Such giggles out of this one! She also loved the swings and got a huge kick out of it when Caden pushed her! He loved it- such a good friend he is! 

The bike ride back was much, much easier!!

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MOM said...

I love the way you SuperSevins keep so busy showing Cole and Charlotte new things to do! Now you just have to start taking aimless drives throughout New Hampshire, stopping at crystal clear streams and packing alunch so the kids don't wonder if they'll ever eat !!