Super Sevins


A taste of our weekend...

This weekend went by way too they always do.  Robyn, Gavin, and Morgan came by to visit on Saturday. The boys had so much fun being crazy.  We also stopped by our playground which is always a big hit with everyone.  In the picture above the kids were looking out the window at Brendan cutting up a branch with a chainsaw. The three older children thought this was great fun. Charlotte just loved looking outside at "Dada".  
I love this expression on Morgan's face. The expression quickly turned into glee as she raced down the slide!
Just pure fun.

Yay...I'm a bad Mom for taking a pic of this and not (immediately) telling Cole to stop climbing up the slide.   
Charlotte tried to follow them of course.

And this was what Cole looked like after playtime with the Schwinns. : )

Just cuteness.

And more of it....

Charlotte is actually sitting down to listen to a book now! She would have none of it as of last month.  Animal books are her favorites!

And here's the cool kid on the block...
She loves wearing sunglasses...mine, Cole's..whatever.


Katrina said...

Looks like you had a great weekend!Cole looks adorable passed out on the couch :)
I can't believe how long Charlotte's hair is getting. She looks so cute!

doubletrouble said...

Cute! Do you and Robyn live close by? Her kids are adorable too. Hey, I found some more cute hair bows/clippies on Etsy...Lilibug boutique. She has some really cute things. Have a great week!