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To the City!

Saturday was a busy, fun day! We jetted off to the Boston Children's Museum with Damien, Amanda, Cameron, and Olivia and had a really, really nice time.  Cole and Cameron really crack me up as I watch those two together. They get along so well and I am really glad they are buddies and cousins. I know I say that every time I post about Cole and Cameron but it is true!  Because DACO (as I now will affectionately call them in this post) had not been to the children's museum before, we ended up doing a lot more rooms than we usually do. It was fun for everyone especially because some of the rooms are new.  Charlotte is like me and does not like crowds and so we never really see her true self when we go to places like this- she is always quiet.  She perked up at lunch though and then fell asleep in my arms on walk back.   

Amazingly, after playing like a nut at the museum, a tantrum (ahem!), walking at least a mile to and from lunch and to Mike's Pastries in the North End, playing at the playground, and then back to the car- it was a long day for Cole but he still did not fall asleep until 2/3 of the way home!   As we have had most Saturdays in order to wind down sans nap, we watched a movie, and then even come bed time he was still wide awake! Over tired? I don't know!  He kept talking about his fun day though!
This room is new!  Lot's of fun activities including "surfing"!

Only time I could capture the four of them together!

Charlotte had fun but her biggest thrill was looking out the giant sized windows. At one point when the other kids were one room or another, she just toddled off to the windows and had fun babbling and telling me what she saw.

Charlotte loves water!

The boys playing tackle.  They were having so much fun. I love it.

Scene from our walk- this is the suspension bridge going into Boston from the North.  It has an official name of course, but it's not that interesting!

Just fun with the camera! Look at how blue the sky is!!  It was so incredible- not a cloud in the sky. Just gorgeous (but still cold!).
Cole and Cameron had fun walking on the ledges by the sidewalk and (with the help of Damien) jumping across each one when there was a break in them.  And by the way, it had to be Uncle Damien to help him- not Mummy- apparently Uncle Damien has the magic touch. : )

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Lisa said...

So fun! The last time we went Cole couldn't walk yet.. you remind me that we need to go back! Perhaps once Cora eats less often!!