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Friday Nights

Charlotte has taken to trying to get into her wagon (which is not meant to be carrying small children, by the way).  She'll get in there and either "ask" to be pushed around or will just then try to get out. All about trial and error at this age!

Cole spent a good hour this evening pretending to be Mickey Mouse and MM on ice, at that!  He "skated" around the house until he saw me get out my camera to take photos of Charlotte and then he asked if Mickey Mouse could take some pictures.  He would take a photo and then look at it on the screen and say "Good picture" after every one.  (Which of course is what I do when I'm taking photos of him!)  Maybe I'll take him to the photography class I've signed up for next month! J/K!
Another one by Cole.

 We were playing a little Justin Timberlake loudly and actually we we were all dancing, but Cole wins the gold star for best break-dancer! : )
Yup, pretty cool moves.

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Lisa said...

Cole will be walking the neighborhood with the boombox on his shoulder! We were rockin' Beyonce over here.. perhaps we'll have a block party someday!