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Early Mother's Day

On Friday night we celebrated Mother's Day a bit early since we weren't home on Sunday.  Brendan surprised me with some scrumptious cupcakes from Coldstone Creamery which were very tasty to say the least.  Cole had made a wonderful puzzle from a laminated photo of him and I and he had written "I Love You Mommy" on the top of the border.  It is a beautiful picture of us. Charlotte gave me a hand painted (hand painted by her of course!) plant container.  I will cherish these always!  Mommy-ing (yes that is a word I just made up, thank you!) is sometimes hard but always wonderful and I couldn't have asked for two better monkeys! (And a great husband as well!)

Oh- and just a disclaimer on the photos- all of the pics on this page are taken on Auto mode until further notice and until I start memorizing the notes from my class!

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Mom said...

Mommy-ing IS a word! I already know what it means!!
So where are the pics of your new treasures?
The treats look like they were enjoyed by everyone!