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Ogunquit Part 1

Hold on to your hats, folks. I think this is the longest post terms of pictures. I just couldn't take any one of these out!!  This is in two parts- Ogunquit Part 1 and 2-have fun!!

Last weekend (Memorial Day weekend) we went up to Ogunquit (obviously) with Grammy, PawPaw, and Great MawMaw.  I don't think I have to tell you people that I absolutely love Ogunquit- love it all.  Cole found it all incredibly fun as you can tell from the pictures below. Enjoy!!

There's Brendan on the left-- ha, ha....just kidding!!

Don't do it Brendan! : )  I wish I had audio of Cole screaming and giggling at the same time during this moment.

Run away!!

Cole found the idea of running to and from the tide to be lots and lots of fun. Love his expression and pose here!

Charlotte was happy enough to play in the sand!

Another close up of Cole I love.

Yay! I love the ocean!

Come and get me, you ocean!

And, he's in folks.  

Brendan and Charlotte loving the sand in between their hands.


Katrina said...

I love all the pictures Kelly. They came out so beautiful.

Lisa said...

Great pictures!! You really capttured everyone perfectly!!

Frances Reed said...

I would love to use a couple of your photos on the Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce website. I particularly like the "Yay!" photo and the last one. They would be excellent for showing people what is so wonderful about Ogunquit. You can reach me at if you would be willing to let us use them. Thanks! Frances Reed, VP, Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce