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And So It Begins...

Cole has joined Londonderry town soccer!!!  I forsee for the next 10+ years my Saturdays (and maybe Sundays and with football maybe my Mon, Tues...etc)  being eaten up with games and practices and the like.  I have to say, I am actually really excited for it!!  I am excited to have Charlotte start dance when she is 3 (maybe sooner?) and for Cole to enjoy soccer and whatever else he chooses to do! : )

We were pretty thrilled that he could do soccer this year as the age limit cutoff date is to be 4 by 7/31.  But I begged and pleaded (ok, just asked politely through email!) with the admin to let Cole be in the league.  He was so excited for it!  A lot of his friends from Applewood are in the league as well and his teacher told me yesterday they have actually been organizing games so all of the kids can learn the game together.  (Side note: this is another thing I love about Applewood, they have always taken what the children-even just one of them- may be experiencing at home and make it part of their school experience too.  One child went to Paris last year so they had a whole week on learning French and reading about the city!  But I digress....) We also saw Zach, Dianna, Jake, and Mason who had a game on a different field.  So great. And Olivia from school was on the team we were playing with.

 This morning Cole could not wait to go! He put on his uniform-HUGE as it is-- early and was raring to go!  Caden is also on the team which made Cole happy and Mr. Rob is one of the assistant coaches.  Cole was of course thrilled to have friends close by.  
It was a rainy day so the pics didn't have as nice a backdrop as they could have. I'll have plenty of more opportunities to take pictures!  I love this smile on Cole. He was doing different soccer poses as I took the pictures!

Here they are practicing. The soccer shorts that came with the uniform were just ridiculously huge and Cole is skinny anyway, so we used our own.  We'll have to go buy some dark shorts though to blend in. : )
Charlotte was happy with her little snack. It started to rain hard at one point but she was happy snuggling with me under the umbrella. Thank goodness for fold up chairs!

I love this pic of Cole talking about the game with his new coach.

Mid game snacks consisted of protein  packed Kashi bars.  Ah, I remember the days when I would play soccer and we would just have orange slices!

Cole had a blast and of course was concerned with "who won" but we are also trying to emphasize that we are here to have fun and learn the game! Can't wait for next week!


SevinStitches said...

That's great! Looks like Cole is having fun. Cameron starts soccer next week and we are really looking forward to it as well!

Lisa said...

Excellent pictures! Cole was such a great little player!! The kids are just too cute in their ginormous uniforms!

Can you believe we are officially soccer Moms!! NO MINI-VANS ALLOWED! haha!

Caden was exhausted by bedtime!

Can't wait for the next game, although I will hope for sun!

SevinStitches said...

Ahem... I have a mini-van and Cameron plays soccer...

Dianna said...

They were very cute playing out there in the rain! Maybe this Saturday will be sunny??? :)