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Hahahahaha!!! (roll on the floor, wipe tears away..)

Saturday morning we got out of bed, harassed Daddy to get out of bed as well, and Cole went into the bathroom to remove his pull-ups and change into underwear. Charlotte followed him, because she is the little sister and that is what she does. Charlotte incidentally is really interested in the potty now and loves to practice sitting on it! : ) I'm hoping potty training for her is much easier than it was for Cole!! Anyway.... I wasn't in the bathroom but I heard Cole say to Charlotte....

"Careful Charlotte, you'll hurt your penis."
What?! That in and of itself made me laugh!

I said to Cole, "Actually, sweetie, Charlotte doesn't have a penis. Only boys have those."

Cole looked at me like I was crazy. "Why??!!", he asked incredulously.

I said, "Well, God, didn't design girls that way. Only boys."

He just looked at me and said in way I can only just say was simply hilarious...

"Well, that's strange."

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SevinStitches said...

Hahahahahaha! That's hilarious.

Damien thinks it is weird when we talk about penis and vagina, but I would rather the kids know the difference and hear it from me than from some silly kid at school. Good job Mommy!