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Vacation Days 1 and 2

This was the only picture I took on the first day we were on vacation. I know, right?!!!  We all got to bed really really late according to east coast time and still managed to wake up at 6am west coast time. Needless to say we all happily watched the sunrise come up the next day but the rest of the day we were ALL grumpy.  We spent some time with my Grandpa at his house and out to lunch so that was very nice but it was a slow day otherwise.  

We stayed at the Embassy suites which I HIGHLY reccomend for people with families.  The rooms are so big and having a bedroom and a living room was nice for when the kids went to bed and I could sit and still read my books. Which incidently I actually read two whole books on vacation....I loved it!!  Best Friends by Jennifer Weiner was one. She is my favorite, favorite author as far as novels go.  Also, Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch.  So entertaining; I highly recommend both of them.

OK, so none of that had anything to do with the above pic.  I don't think I really need to explain why Elvis' statue was in a hotel in Vegas.  Cole and Charlotte had to pose with him each morning.  It was pretty funny. At one point while driving down the strip, Brendan opened up Cole's window and told him to yell "Vegas Baby". Yeah, classy, I know.  I think I ducked downin my seat (to prevent from seeing who, I do not know!)  Anyway, once Charlotte heard that, she repeated it the entire trip.  For like 20 minutes on they way down to Arizona she yelled over and over again "Bagas, Baby!!" I have it tape...hahahahahaha.

Day 2: We are happy again. : )

I didn't get many pictures of my family unfortunately. For once, I really forced myself to put down my camera while visiting and just talk. : )  But of course I had to get one with all of us and my Grandpa.

Most neighborhoods in southern Nevada are surrounded by a wall to keep dust and, I imagine, coyotes out. : )

This is Cole's picture of Charlotte. Just look how tired she is!  I think her eyes are almost closed.

Now, a lot of my mountain pics were taken from the car while driving (not me, I was the passenger of course!).  Just look at these trees, just rocks and dirt!!  And see the "BC" that's Boulder City where the BC dam is located.  BC is about 20 minutes outside of Vegas and is where my Grandpa and Aunt Gail and Uncle Phil live.  I think this is a west coast thing to write the initials of the town on the surrounding mountains. Just in case you know, you ever lose your way. : )

Is that water? No! It's the "dry lake!"  All of that is actually swirling dust that looks like a lake! Crazy!

Ok, this is similar to what we have on the East Coast..people who hold signs to advertise sales, etc.  But these are just regular sign holders...oh, no...these are "swingers"....they make faces, they twirl the sign, this guy was even, ahem, riding the sign...all in an effort to get your attention. Brendan and I laughed and laughed at him while we were stopped at a red light.

Oh, thank's relaxing time.  The pool area at the hotel was superb.  We had a lot of fun!  But would you believe 80 degree water felt cold??!! It did!!  With the air so hot, the pool water felt cold! But we New Englanders loved it!  

We also loved the hot tub....I could have stayed in there for about an hour just reading a book.

Ok, just had to get that random palm tree shot.  Nice to look at but I love my maple trees back home!

This was under a water fall in the pool. 

You can see Charlotte is less than impressed.

I don't know why we all got a family pic under this sign.  I think I was just taking a pic of Brendan and the kids and someone asked if we wanted our family pic taken.  Sure!!

We ate at the Rainforest Cafe.  Holy expensive, batman!  Charlotte had chicken nuggets (Tyson, the kind you buy in the grocery store...I know, because we have the same kind at home) and the plate of them was $9.95 for ten pieces.  I buy the whole bag (like 30 pieces) for $5.99!!!  That's Vegas baby!! : )  

The above pic is just Cole and Brendan being goofy after dipping their heads under the "rain shower" behind our table.

A magician was circulating while we ate and did some tricks for tips.  Cole was amazed!! His favorite trick was when the magician asked him to hold one ball, did some hocus pocus, and out popped like five balls from Cole's hand!! What??!!

This is Charlotte's goofy face.

I love family pics!

Ok, here is why I love is just plain fun. I didn't gamble at all and I do not think it is fun, but all of the entrainment in Vegas is just cool.  We came out of dinner to two bartenders busting moves on the bar top to Rob Base's "It takes Two".  Who doesn't want to start dancing and having fun with all of that??!!

And, Cole's fav part of the evening..the giant 3-story M-n-M store. 

More pics tomorrow!


Lisa said...

FUN Fun fun!! Vegas looks great! So different from Northern Nevada!! But they did do the whole town in the mtn thing.. we also thought that interesting!

I can't believe the dust swirl! I love the palm trees! And the hot tub! and.. I could go on an on.. I want to go on vacation!

But one question.. who gives a 1 yr old 10 chicken nuggests anyway! Did she eat them all? That would be impressive!

Can't wait for tomorrow's pics!

Kelly said...

ha-ha!! no, the nugget dinner was just standard on the children's menu. i don't think they think what size child they are giving it to! : )

Amanda said...

Can't wait for more! Looks like a nice relaxing vacation so far :)

Mom said...

Your pictures are like a travel-log, or a series of excellent postcards saying, "Wish you were here...?" Oh Yeah!

Katrina said...

It looks like you all had so much fun!! I love seeing all those palm trees. I've always wanted to go to the Rainforest Cafe. I'll save up my money before I go. :)

Dianna said...

Looks like a perfect family trip! :)