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Saturday Morning

I can't think of anything more witty for the title of this post.  I'm tired and I have a bad cold. Woe is me!  Lost my voice for the entire today...which Brendan enjoyed..ha-ha!! But I digress....

Saturday morning we started out early with Cole's last soccer game at 8am!  Brrrr!!  We all shall miss these games; they really have been enjoyable to watch!

Next we needed to tackle the 4-ft drifts of leaves in our yard.   It's a little ridiculous....especially since Brendan and Ethan had cleaned it up so nicely last week!  Anyway, we had fun as always. In the above picture, Cole came running over to me and said "Mommy look red leaves, don't you want a picture?!"  Awww. He's been listening to me say I want a full picture of the Japanese maple tree leaves so he thought he'd be kind and bring me some to take!

And also had to show off his soccer medal!

Had to have a pic in playing hockey (?)..

The swingset area is off course covered in leaves and so we made a big pile and Cole had so much fun landing head first into them from the slide! He even went backwards at one point!

Charlotte loved it too!  And of course, there was no reason she was wearing boots that day! Cole's new boots had arrived in the mail on Friday and I also pulled out Cole's old boots that now fit Charlotte. She LOVES them and has to wear them around the house and then had to wear them outside!


Katrina said...

Cole is a sweetheart. He really did know how much you loved those leaves! :)
I just picked up a snow suit for Aidyn and now-- in true New England fashion-- I'm hearing of high 60 degree weather coming.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Amanda said...

I love that last photo of Charlotte, like she is splashing into a pool of water! Glad you had a fun Saturday!

Lisa said...

Ack! What fun!! Sliding into leaves? Man I wish I thought of that! Next year! because for Robs' sanity I hope we don't have enough leaves come back onto our lawn that we have to rake! (Since I have been a really bad helper this year!)