Super Sevins


Beauty in the Grey

Inspired by a recent Pioneer Woman blog post about searching for beauty in the dreariness of winter, I brought my camera along on a walk the family and I took yesterday. It was difficult to find much that was photo worthy in the mud, brown grass, and dirty snow, but I found this one shot and fell in love with it. Spring is coming folks! Sooner or later, it will be here!


Katrina said...

There is hope for warmer days!! I love the colors in the photo.

Lisa said...

Yay for spring.. thank you for capturing this evidence that it is coming.. because I really thought we were going to be stuck in winter for the rest of eternity.. especially looking out the window right now at the snow barreling down from the sky!

Mom said...

You have quite a good eye for capturing clarity and sharpness in a subject. Love the photo - what is that??! Tree bush or flower? ;>)