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The History of our Vacation: Part II

Ok, I really should take the time to edit these photos but that would take a lot of time and I want to get these photos up on the blog. :)  And LOST is on tonight and I'm not missing that.  So here we go.

How cool do we look with our matching shirts?!  Haha!  Last time we went to  Disney I saw a ton of families wearing the same exact shirt and I thought that was pretty awesome. When we were in AK on Monday I saw a family wearing these shirts and I was, like, "perfect!"  I thought one day was good.  Brendan was hilarious.  We did laundry the next day and he was like, "let's wear these again when we go back on Thursday!" So we did.  So what?! :)  I mean, where else in the world can you do this and be perfectly normal?! 

We took advantage of those Disney photographers and had them take our picture lots. But the jokes on us because when we looked at our Photo Pass photos when we got back they are even better than the ones taken with our camera. So now I HAVE to buy that darn cd.    Disney! You know how to merchandise, gosh darnit! 

We got into the park super early on Tuesday because we had a breakfast date with Pooh-bear and his friends.  This was awesome and I highly recommend it! Not only the breakfast but especially getting into the park before it actually opens! It is so cool!

Are you sick of looking at us yet? :)

I am going to admit to you that both of these plates were mine.   Ok, most of it's fruit and I did give those pancakes to Charlotte but it was soooo good....especially that peach decadence that they had. I don't know what it was but it was go-ooo-od.

We don't know what these delightful things were either but they were awesome.

Charlotte was excited to see Pooh-bear and gave him a great big hug.

But, wait! What's this?  Why are you so sad?  

Charlotte was not happy about seeing Eeyore. Not one bit.  Not so Cole! He loved this big snuggly donkey!

Even though Charlotte loved Piglet, after Eeyore she was a bit apprehensive of this pig.  

You stay classy, Brendan. Stay classy. :)

And the smiles were back.

But she still wouldn't go near Tigger. 
Every so often they did a parade around the restaurant with all of the kids. Cole loved it. Charlotte giggled and laughed. It was cute.  Remember...experience....not just a theme park.  Amazing!

By far Cole's favorite ride was Splash Mountain. I think he rode it 5-6 times over the course of the 2 days we were there.   We did the Fast Pass and the Rider Switch so we never waited in line which was awesome. Charlotte and I found a playhouse under a bridge that was nice and cool so we played and waited there for Cole and Brendan.

Meeting Mickey! Will she go to him?

Nope! Not this time!  

I should  post some of the pics of Cole with Mickey when he was two. Again, such differences in personalities!  

It's a Small World After all!  I love this ride in all its cheesiness.

Another one of my absolute favorites of Charlotte. I hope her strawberry-blonde hair color stays but we'll see. My blonde hair turned to brown by the time I was four.

After nap that day we went to the pool.  Now is this a slide or is this a slide?! :)
Charlotte and Cole LOVED this place.  Swimming lessons these past months have been amazing for Cole. He can now swim pretty well but still needed the resort-provided life jacket because he can't keep himself afloat that well. I know he would have done just fine with floaties so that's what we will get for him this summer. But the HUGE  part is that  Cole now does not mind going under water. I cannot even emphasize how big this is for him.  He actually loves it! We start lessons again this Sunday so hopefully there will be even further improvements in swimming!

Back at the park later that day we saw the Celebrations parade. The music is still in my head. It's so catchy!

The Buzz Light Year ride in Tomorrow Land was one of their favorites.  

Brendan and his mini-me.

Charlotte loved the carousal.  We rode on it many, many, many times.  Luckily there was never a wait.

I love the Wishes fireworks! The music and everything is so magical!  It was so hot and humid even at 9pm and yet Charlotte insisted (again) on snuggling on my lap and wrapping her chubby little arms around my neck for dear life (again).  So the pictures suffered and I was dying I was so hot but thinking back to it I know she won't be snuggly like that for long!  Fireworks are loud and a bit scary after all!

And that was the end of the day....

I am still so surprised how well Cole and Charlotte did with staying up late and getting up at 6:30-7 everyday. The naps helped but amazingly we got through the vacation with only tantrum.  And that was from me.  Haha! Just kidding!

Tomorrow....Hollywood Studios!


Abby Chau said...

Kelly, I have been waiting anxiously to see your pics. They are GREAT. Makes me miss our vacation. Can't wait to see the rest.

Anabelle said...

you guys are uber adorable.. loving the shirts! haha

and Charlotte is a doll.

Your pics are great and i've enjoyed looking at them... usually i don't dig other people's vaca pics, but yours are an exception!

Lisa said...

I love the matching t-shirts.. I am a total dork and do it as well.. you only live once right?!

Cole is awesome! Caden has started swimming under water but I still don't think he'd go down the waterslide... what a brave guy you have! Makes me REALLY want to go to that Coco Keys place! well.. and of course Disney! I love all the pics with the castle in the background.. makes it all so magical!