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Family Weekend in VT

Every year Brendan's Aunt Dawn and Uncle Brett throw a fantastic 4th of July party.  They live close to Burlington VT and we just love going up to visit with them.  They are so much fun and we are able to visit with Brendan's cousins Jared, Chris (although he was MIA this year. booo!), Darcy and her family as well.  It is all so nice since we do not get to see them much, living 3 hours away.  This year was great because Brendan's parents and both of Brendan's brothers and their families were able to go as well. We just love when everyone is able to get together.  Cole and Charlotte adore seeing their cousins.

We went up to VT the day before the party and roamed around Burlington for a bit. As a last minute decision,  we went over to Magic Hat Brewery (so small compared to the big Budweiser plant!) before heading into Burlington.  I am not normally a Magic Hat kind of girl but they had one beer that was pretty good. We didn't spend much time over there- it isn't really a place for kids. :)

I just love this pic of Ethan and Katrina although the red lights inside the brewery were not that lovely.

Cousins. :)

Moooo, Cow!!, says Charlotte!

Hot day, must have ice cream.

Aunt Dawn and Uncle Brett have a beautiful house, but our favorite  part was hanging out under the trees in the hammock. So comfortable!

Cole loved playing baseball with anyone who would pitch it to him.

One of Brendan's jobs in preparing for the party was filling up the water balloons.  Cole, Aidyn, and Charlotte's job was to watch him and then transfer the balloons to Aunt Katina so she could tie them. :) Heavy duty work for all. 

There were plans for a three-legged race later in the day but somehow we never got around to it. Cole and Aidyn tried out the game before the guests arrived.  They laughed so much I think they fell over just from laughing. 

Oh, the faces this girl makes!

And of course the sprinkler. Had to have it out as the date was so HOT!

More chillaxin' time on the hammock.  Brendan is "blasting" his Zac Brown Band from his IPhone. Cole is singing along. Aidyn just looks content doesn't he?! :)

Annual softball game. Cole SOOOO wanted to play with the big boys.  He stuck around while they were picking teams and then just watched the whole time from the sidelines.  

I do not know what is going on in this photograph but the combination of Olivia dancing and PawPaw laughing just makes me smile.

PawPaw sent Charlotte over for a hug before Brendan's next turn at bat...
Everyone say "AWWWWW..."

Of course Cole wanted one too...

End of the day and most of the guests had gone home. A good way to wind down is to watch a movie. It was our version of a drive-in.  Cole was the only one who watched it the whole way through. 

The rest of the kids did this. ;)

Dominic was kind enough to share some of the candy he had gotten at the parade that morning. Yum!

And 4th of July isn't complete without sparklers!

And crazy adults! :)

We had a wonderful weekend and are so thankful for our Vermont extended family and our NH family that we do not get to see that often.  Hope to see everyone again real soon!


Lisa said...

That is some party! So fun! Family parties are the best... and now we know what Charlotte would look like as a mime (are they the ones with the tiny black mustache over their lip?) super cute! Cole looks so comfortable in that hammock, at first I thought he was sleeping, but figure he'd never be able to sleep with all the excitement around.. it is a super hammock so stylish!

Katrina said...

That weekend was so much fun! I can't stop laughing at the picture of Charlotte mooing at the cow. She's hilarious!

Erin said...

Love the faces your daughter makes. Thank you for stopping by my blog :)