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Sunday outing Part 2

After visiting Fort Stark, we went into Portsmouth.  Here's where I wanted to be.

But since the kids were with us, here's what we did instead. :)
Izzy's is a great place right in the center of the town. It's always a toss up to go to Izzy's or Annabelle's.  Honestly both are a little pricey but what the heck, it's ice cream...I'll pay for it 'cause I love it! ;)

Charlotte only wanted to let Uncle Ethan do certain things that day. "No, Uncle Ethan push my stroller!"  Hey, I was happy to oblige with that one!

This is what Aidyn's face looks like when he thinks its hilarious to climb the stairs when his Mommy is telling him not to.  To his defense, I'm pretty sure Cole was egging him on. (sorry, Katrina!)

We strolled by the Seacoast Rep Theatre. They are currently putting on Rent. Brendan and I found that hilarious. We've seen Rent on Broadway like a gallizon times. We are musical snobs.  It's who we are. Haha.  No really, we've seen a couple shows at the Seacoast Theatre and found them great each time.  We just can't compare something we've seen on Broadway to it.  

Guess who's hand that is splashing the girls?  Um, yeah, that would be Cole.  Why is it funny for boys to  antagonize girls?

They were not pleased with Mr. Cole.

Then they found their own fountain to splash in. 

Cole and Charlotte love watching the bridge go up and down to let the tall ships through.  We heard the siren and we went running to go see the bridge.  It's the wonders in life you know?! :)

Cole said, "Charlotte, come tackle me!" Charlotte was happy to oblige.

Attempt at a cousin photo.

Uncle Damien appears as if he is smashing the boys head together. Hummmm....

Uncle Ethan appears as though he is throwing Cole into the water.... Hey!  There is a trend here! Crazy uncles..
I'm king of the whale!

Buddies.  I need to frame this one.

Seacoast Rep Theatre also puts on children's shows in the park during the summer.  This summer the show is Peter Pan.  Isn't that great? I wish we could have stayed and watched it. Maybe next time! The kids had fun running around the set.  I didn't think that was a good idea but there were no signs saying they couldn't and everyone else was, soooooo......   There were a couple people jumping off the bridge too but we didn't join in.  :)

The 'rents.

Oh, I just love they have so much fun together!

Switching hats.  Doesn't it look great on Cole?! For all the teasing I do of Brendan, I really do love that hat on him.  It's so cute!  And it's so Brendan...

The fooling around continued into snack/dinner time.  The adults tried to enjoy a cold beverage at an outside eatery but these monsters were still crazy.  Needless to say, my monsters fell right asleep on the way home.  Cole was very sad to be leaving Portsmouth.  He had an absolutely fabulous day. We all did!


BonBon said...

Love the pictures. You guys are fortunate to live close to each other and the children can grow up knowing each other. With Mike in Georgia with his family (2 sons) and Beckie our grandkids won't know each other very well.

Love Ya'll,
Ms Bonnie

Lisa said...

You remind me that we definitely need to explore Portsmouth! I've only been a handful of times when I was younger and don't remember any of it. It looks like such a fun town to visit and explore!