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Prescott Farm Winterfest

 Last Saturday we went to Prescott Farm in Laconia with Ethan, Katrina, and Aidyn for their Winter Fest. It was freezing!!  We did some sledding, roasted marshmallows, explored an old barn, and almost got a sleigh ride but the horse decided he was done for the day!  It was fun. I love winter but I am really ready for spring. Seriously. 

 Cole insists on wearing his hat like this! I don't know why because he can't see!

 Yells of joy!

 And then there were yells of pain as they stopped and Charlotte flew off of the sled, Aidyn landed right on top of her, and Cole got bonked somehow!  They were fine after a moment! I think the sledding is done for the year- it's too ice-y now! Not as fun.

 Cole loved roasting marshmallows.  He gobbled up the entire thing!

 Aidyn only ate the graham cracker and Charlotte only ate the chocolate. 

 This gorgeous horse obviously doesn't "do" sleigh rides!

 We explored the magnificent late 1800s barn. I thought it was absolutely amazing...stone foundation, the original boards...I love this kind of history.

 Cole obviously is imagining himself on a beach somewhere. :)

 Runner up for my 365 that day. :)

Back to sledding!

It was a lot of fun. They also had free snowshoe rentals and lots of trails to explore. I'd love to try that next year!

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Mona said...

Beautiful pictures!I would rather look at them then be there,lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!