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Fishing Derby

 On May 1st Londonderry Fish and Game club held their annual fishing derby.  They have been holding this for many, many years. In fact I used to go when I was little.  I'll be honest, I wasn't a big fan of fishing back then but catching fish was always fun.  It's the waiting part that I can't stand! I'm not a very patient person!  But my Dad started taking Cole 2 years ago and he really loved it. This year Charlotte was old enough to go (and be interested in it).  They couldn't wait for it and it really is a special thing they like doing with Grandpa. 

I thought the derby started at 8am so we got there at 7:30 to get a good spot. Turns out the registration opened up at 8am but the derby didn't actually start until 9am. We waited awhile but we really did get a good spot and the kids were entertained.  It was a cold morning but not too bad!

 We set up our little area, brought some snacks, and wandered around.  

I entertained myself with taking photos.

 My Dad bought 60 worms!  We went through about a tub and a half.  Gotta keep those worms fresh you know or the fish won't bite! :)

 While the kids wandered with Grandpa and I took photos, Brendan caught up on his beauty sleep.

 Charlotte was very hesitant to touch the worms but Grandpa made her hold it. :)  It's good for her! 

 Getting ready to cast in.  They counted down the minutes and then seconds until the lines could be thrown in and our lines were ready and wormed up!

 Putting the worms on the hook.  I actually put a couple worms on myself! I was pretty darn proud of myself. 

 The worm is in the shape of a heart. Totally accidental and still totally gross.

 We're ready!

 The pond was stocked with a couple hundred trout so pretty much as soon as Charlotte threw her line in, a fish was hooked.  She was so proud!

 Then Cole caught one!  He loved holding these guys.  

 We caught four fish in all!  Two each.  They keep jumping out of the bucket and Cole thought was just hilarious.  We caught all four with the first 20 minutes which was very exciting considering some people around us didn't catch anything!  We stayed for another 40 minutes or so but didn't catch anything else.  

Charlotte caught the two biggest fish and Cole was pretty pleased with his as well.  They didn't win any prizes but they didn't care- they had a great time!  Grandpa had the fish cleaned and he has them in his freezer to grill up next time Cole comes over.  I think Cole will just watch Grandpa eat them but we'll see!

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Lisa said...

Such a fun morning! and what a great tradition to share with their Grandpa! Looks like you had a great day for it!