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On Golden Pond

My grandfather has been visiting my parents in this area for the past 30+ years so when he's visits it is always challenging to find new and entertaining things to do. He has done it all! But one thing that we all love is relaxing on the lake, preferably in a boat. :)   When my grandparents owned the lake house in Wisconsin they had a boat and the whole shebang. We would spend hours in that boat and on the lake.  
In order for my Dad to rent a boat big enough for all of us, he had to get a temporary boating license that morning, and had to take a test and everything. Our entire day's fun was resting on the fact that he had to pass this test!  Luckily he passed with 10 seconds left to spare on the clock! Phew!   My parents are partial to Squam Lake over any other in NH- they spent a lot of time hiking around there before kids were born.  And they spent hours and hours in the 80s looking for a summer home there.  I know, because they used to drag Jay and I to ever house showing! They never bought one but oh how I wish they did!!
Jay eating? Shocker! :)

Gorgeous day with practically no one on the lake.

Ah, this is the life!

My Dad was looking for Rattlesnake Moutain and the boulder where you can jump off of into the lake. They usually hike to the boulder and bring along their dog Dakota.  I'm glad we were boating that day instead!  My Dad was a little stressed trying to find the location.  :)

And we're here! 

My Grandpa amazes me.  He's 80+ years old.  He has cancer.  But he is so young!  And happy. :)

We brought Charlotte's fishing pole.  Jay dove underwater and just followed the sunfish until he caught one.  So fun!

Here's the boulder. It seems so far down when you are jumping off of it!  Cole loved it.

We took a break from swimming and did lots of fishing!  The sunfish were plentiful and we caught about 10 fish (but threw them all back).

The kids lost interest and Kerry and I fished instead. Good bonding over gross worms and prickly fish.

Back in the water!  Charlotte was happy to be in the water but not happy to be in her life jacket!  

Such a fun day.

Ended a perfect day with ice cream of course!


Mom said...

Great pictures - good times - fun memories!
Glad we could do all of that together!

Lisa said...

Love your day! I cannot believe Cole jumped off that boulder! actually yes I can.. so fun!

Looks like a great family day.