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Birthday Party!

 Charlotte has been looking forward to her birthday party weekend for some time now.  She would get this little happy voice and say "I'm so excited for my party.  How many more days?"  The day it was here was busy. We still had basketball and dance and even baseball sign ups (Cole is so excited for that- Brendan is going to be a coach this year!).  I had to frost the cake after Charlotte and I went to get the balloons.  I was frosting right up until we had to leave and I am mad at myself because I ran out and you can see spots in the front where it wasn't covered. Plus I totally meant to have a circle of flowers around the hill.  Oh well! Charlotte loved it.  I did find a delicious buttercream recipe for the frosting that I will be using for years to come.  So good!   
Charlotte knew she wanted a Tangled party for a long time.  Brendan and I tossed the idea of having a party at home but with the amount of kids we invited there was no way we could.  Still, as I found Rapunzel ideas for the party I was a little bummed that I couldn't have had the party at home.  Next year maybe!  We had the party at Bounce U instead. This place was fantastic. The kids had 1.5 hours of bouncing in two different rooms and you get the rooms all to yourself- no sharing with other parties. So nice!  The party hosts do absolutely everything for you. I felt a little out of place because I am so used to being the hostess during our birthday parties!   They not only served as safety folks during the bouncing, but also decorated the party room with the stuff we brought, served the drinks, pizza, and cake and then wrote down all who each gift was from!  It was really nice and Charlotte had a blast.

 Even the adults had fun. :)

 With 25 kids there was no way I was going to get a perfect picture but these two crack me up!

 Cole remembered from last time he was there that there was an air hockey table. He couldn't wait to play.

 Waiting for cake!

See? They serve the cake and everything.  Very strange feeling for me not to be doing any of this!

 Birthday girl gets to sit in the throne and open presents. One of the birthday hosts opens the card with each present and announces who it is from and the other host writes down what it is.  I got the nice organized list afterwards. No excuse not to send thank you's! :)
Pretty amazing that all of the kids sat in a semi-circle and didn't crowd Charlotte.  They were all very interested!
 This picture makes me laugh. One of her friends gave Charlotte a singing card and when she opened it the friend came up and did a little dance.

 The boys congregated together. 

 After the party we had family back to play and watch football.  Charlotte got even more presents from Grammy and PawPaw, Katrina and Ethan, and Mimi and Grandpa. This girl is all set!

She had a fabulous day. Even with all of that bouncing the kids didn't crash until 10pm!  We were off on Monday so the kids had plenty of time to make up that sleep. 


Lisa said...

So fun! It was so cute to see Charlotte with all her friends! and Thank you for wearing the kids out.. they all slept like logs that night!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Kelly!

Mom said...

WOW !!!
Now that's a birthday celebration!
Somehow every year is topped by an even better party and a really neat cake! Nice!