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Annual Trip to Russell Farm




We returned to Russell Farm in Ipswich, MA for our annual apple picking trip with the Schwinns. It was a lot of fun...but crazy hot!  When we all got there, we had a little laugh because both Brendan and I and also Robyn and Erich were bickering about something trivial. In typical Erich fashion, he laughs and says, "You know those  NH women, if they are not nagging someone....They die!" (quote from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, except they said Greek women, of course!)  Ah, I always laugh so much when we get together with them; it's great. 
The next thing we did was buy fresh apple cider donuts; they were so delicious!  The apple trees were bursting with apples and  Gavin and Cole filled the apple bags very quickly.  They were equally as happy to just munch on apples...Cole had 2 1/2 apples!   I took so many pictures...I think over 200 but had to narrow it down to just these for the blog entry. It was hard to do!  I like the picture of Cole and Charlotte next to the pumpkins. Charlotte either wanted to bite the pumpkin or eat the hay and Cole being the great big brother that he is kept taking it out of her hands. 

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Amanda said...

Great photos Kelly! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I couldn't stop taking pictures either, the scenery is so beautiful at apple orchards.