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Brendan's shining moment

As most of you know, Brendan is a high school football official. He loves it and was very proud to read this recent note in the Eagle Tribune section of high school football happenings.

"You know I went to the CC-Lawrence city war Friday night.By Sunday, I heard a comment, directly from someone with CC connections, to the team, that Lawrence was chippy, cheap, showing poor sportsmanship.Shame on the perpetrators of this comment. The lawrence-Central game was a good, clean, high-spirited contest. Yes, lawrence lost a player for throwing a punch.It was a scrum, and the athlete in question got heated, but it’s nothing you haven’t seen before in any other high school game.Now, I respect the official’s call. The crew was in complete control, leading to a clean game. The stripes did a good job. As we see in the NFL, everyone misses one sometimes, and in a rivalry like this, it’s best to err on the side of control.That said, the game was a quality high school event.There’s no need to throw out insults blindly. it takes two to tango, and both teams saw their share of flags."

Side note: I'll be posting pics of our apple picking/beach adventures soon....I was up to midnight last night trying to get the layout just right. Wasn't working the way I wanted it to.... Look for the posts tonight!

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