Super Sevins


Crane's Beach

Hummm, well, apparently Blogger doesn't let me edit days of my posts anymore. Ok, bear with me.... Before going apple picking on Sunday we decided to head down to Ipswich early and go to Crane's Beach.  It was about 80 degrees and I felt a little out of place in jeans and sneakers when most everyone else was in a bathing suit. Who knew? It was 2 days away from the official turn of Fall, for goodness sake!  Oh well.  We had a nice relaxing time there. Cole loves the ocean and we enjoyed our time  taking pictures and walking around.


Katrina & Ethan said...

I love the picture of Cole & Charlotte together! It came out great! If it's alright with you I'm going to steal it to print out for when I update our frames :)

Kelly said...

Fine me with me! : ) People walking by commented on how it would be a perfect Christmas card. I would do that but I think Charlotte will change so much from now to then!