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It is no secret in this country that being a Christian and being a political conservative is not popular.   Now, I have to admit there have been times in my life where I have made poor decisions or acted poorly towards others and have not displayed the best behavior or modeled the values that I hold.  Thank God for forgiveness.  That being said, I hold certain values very dear to my heart and I hope that I pass on these values to my children. I was raised with a faith in God and a belief that Jesus died for my sins.  I questioned this faith as a I grew older and I searched for my own answers and I still believe this to be true.  I am my own person and I rely on my reading,  my research, my faith to sustain me.  I also know that this election is a defining moment in our nation's history and depending on who is elected it will change my children's futures.  So that is why I post these on our family website.  I am passionate about politics; I know what I stand for and why I stand for it; and I think that I am well schooled on the issues.  So if someone wants to debate or ask me why I believe the way I do, feel free. I want to talk about it....I encourage healthy debate. What I do not agree with is focusing on ridiculous political Sarah Palin does her hair...the way Obama speaks.  These have no merit in true political discourse.  I also will not be rude or arrogant in debating issues. I encourage everyone to do the same. I also encourage everyone to do your own research and no matter what side you come out on at least you will be grounded in what you believe.

Obviously, the Republican and Democratic party both have histories of voting certain ways. I agree with many if not all of the Republican ideologies so I am more likely to vote the Republican ticket.  For me to support McCain has not necessarily been an easy choice. I did not support him in the primaries as I feel he is too middle of the road on some of the issues.  For me NOT to support Obama was a very easy choice.  He is far too left for me to support.

So here it is, these are the reasons why I vote Republican.  If you do not agree, that is fine. I am not here to convince you to "move" to my viewpoint.  It is interesting to me that so many people in this world preach tolerance yet if there is someone who goes against mainstream, they are marked as an immediate outsider, someone to ridicule and hate.  

1.  I am a citizen of America, not a citizen of the world. I believe America is the greatest country in the world and we should protect our interests when needed.....whether by diplomacy or by force.  We protect our allies and we go after those that wish our country harm.  We should not have every decision go through the United Nations who is just currently made up of countries who only want to see the U.S. fall and crumble.  Our president, our Congress make the decisions that are best for America.   In the current climate we must act in our own self-interest to prevent those that would destroy us from doing so.

2. I believe everyone should have access to great health care but I don't believe this should be funded by the taxpayers.  If this happens, the level of care we receive in this country is doomed to diminish. As with any large government program, this has a significant opportunity to be racked with inefficiencies, continued increases on taxes, as well as wastefulness on the part of the government. Let's face it, the government is not known to run the best programs. This is one example (a major focus of the election) of where I do not think my hard earned tax dollars should go to.

3. With that in mind, I do not believe the "upper" class should be taxed for the sole reason they have more money then everyone else. Obama is proposing that those making over $250K should be taxed more heavily. While I make no way near that much and so this does not directly affect me, I do not agree with this socialist ideology.  I am actually a proponent of the flat tax, which is not a common Republican way of thinking.

4.  I strongly agree with the party on social, stem cell research, rulings on such pieces like the right to the Pledge of the Alligence.  I do not agree with amnesty for illegal immigrants (key word: illegal).  I do not agree with the party on Capital Punishment (meaning, I do not agree with it, fundamentally). These are all incredibly important issues but in the interest of time, I will not go into each one in detail.

So, there it is, a summary and a brief explanation of why I vote the way I do.  If you disagree, that is ok.  That is what is so great about our country....we can agree to disagree. The point is we can!  And I cannot silenced just because I believe these things! Not everyone in this world is afforded this luxury. 

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Lisa said...

Hear Hear! Go Republicans!