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Going home (sort of)

On Saturday we went down to Salem (MA) our home town from June 2002 to September 2007 to visit our friends Rick and Cyn who were hosting an Oktoberfest party.  The party was lots of fun and it was great to see those two who we don't see often enough.  Before the party we walked around Salem for a bit..I have to admit I felt teensy bit nostalgic...afterall it was our home for 5 years.  We had a great time in that area...Brendan and I had an apartment near the center of the city for the first two years which was so much fun...lots of parties!  The latter three years we owned a townhouse on the outskirts of  Salem. It was where we really settled down, had Cole, and became a real family.  As we drove the familiar streets, it felt like we never left.  I love our home in Londonderry but Salem will always have a place in my heart.  I think Cole felt the same way. As we drove by our old townhouse to check in and see what changed (nothing in a year!), Cole said, " Why did we move? I like our old house. I want to go back."  He was smiling as he said it so I think he was playing off of what I was saying but it was cute at the same time. We had some really great times there that I'll never forget.
This is a house one street over from our old apartment. I always loved this house, the look of it, the fresh flowers changing with the seasons.  
Charlotte was all snuggly in her stroller and was content just looking around!  We had a picnic, of sorts, on the common, where we all got our fav food from the town and enjoyed the going-ons around us.
When this statue was first put in, I scoffed at the tourists that thought it was fun to pose in front of this. Now, being a tourist myself, I felt it only necessary to have my picture taken in front of it. 

I had to take a picture of this fire station.  The doors were closed because the trucks had just left on a call but when we lived in Salem we spent many hours hanging out with the fire fighters, riding the trucks, calling the ice cream truck over with the flash of a siren, that I had to take a picture for memories sake.

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Lisa said...

Salem is a pretty cool place.. but we certainly are glad you moved to Londonderry!! haha! No offense to the K's of course!