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A squeeze, some laughs, a scare, and relief

On Sunday seven of us Sevins squeezed into one car and headed on down to Boston to enjoy the Boston Children's Museum and then a walk around the city. When I say, squeezed, I do mean literally...but it worked and we all got down in one piece!  First we had to stop to put air in the front tire...and get water...and then stop for gas...and then we were finally on the road!  Brendan and I are trying to get our money's worth out of our silly $120 family pass purchase. We bought that in January in a moment of monetary weakness when we thought I was going to be using it a lot more during maternity leave. Yea...not so much. Plus, then, Lisa and Rob kindly informed us that Londonderry library has $2 passes available. Oh well!  We had fun at the museum...Cole definitely has his favorite rooms now...the golf ball/slide room and the self propelled energy room.  Aidyn I think liked it too!  We wandered through the windy streets of Boston and made our way to Fanuel Hall for lunch and fun.  At one point we heard a man yell "Blue overalls and a plaid shirt!"  Then we heard the acapella group stop singing and a man say "A little boy, Gavin, has wandered away from his parents.  Gavin? Gavin? Please come back to the pumpkin table." I was frozen in shock as I saw this father whip through the crowd looking for his 2 year old son. It was horrible to watch.  The crowd in the marketplace was literally so quiet all I could hear was this father looking for his little boy. Thankfully he was found after 10 minutes in Urban Outfitters no less. It was a horrible, heart wrenching 10 minutes and Katrina and I just looked at each other afterwards with tears in our eyes, thankful that the little boy was ok and thinking how we would be if one of our own had wandered away (or worse, taken).  Luckily this turned out happily.   The relief part of my story not only comes from the little boy being found but Cole's sense of relief on the way home.  He kindly informed us as we got on the highway that he really, REALLy needed to pee.  We got off the exit at Target, Cole did the pee-pee dance as he waited for me to get out of the car, we ran in only to find the bathrooms closed for maintenance. We ran over to the other bathroom to a long line of people. Before someone could offer to let us go first, Cole said, "I need to go pee!" and before I could think of more questions to ask to distract him, the poor little guy couldn't hold it any longer and went in the middle of Target. Oh, I had to laugh because here we have several people saying, "Oh, it's ok, you're a big boy, It's hard to hold it sometimes, isn't it?" And didn't say anything...he just stood there with a big look of relief. : )

We hadn't see Katrina, Ethan, and Aidyn for so long- it was great to hang out with them! Can't wait for Vermont this weekend when we squeeze into the car for 3 hours! Woo-hoo!
My pics are out of order so bear with me! : )  Here are Brendan and Katrina displayed there mad pumpkin painting skills. 
Aidyn kept peeking out of his stroller to try to hold Charlotte's hand.
Spiderman...Spiderman...doing the things Spidy can....Cole got a Spiderman balloon from a street performer.
Charlotte's driving? Oh no!

Walking is coming soon!  But first she has to learn how to crawl.

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Katrina said...

This was definitely a good day-- we had so much fun!

We can't wait to squeeze together for our trip to Vermont!