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Vermont- Dominic's Birthday Party

This past weekend we visited our family in Vermont as Dominic turned 3!  Darcy and Keith threw a cute Harry Potter themed party for him (as you can tell by those wonderful glasses Cole is showcasing) and a good time was had by all.  The drive to Burlington is...interesting when my only goal is to keep Cole and Charlotte happy...for 3 hours, but it is worth it being able to see Aunt Dawn and Uncle Brett, Darcy, Keith, Dominic, Samantha, Chris, and Jarod.  Aunt Dawn and Uncle Brett were wonderful hosts and Ethan, Katrina, Aidyn, and B/C/C (too much typing of names!)   stayed over their house for a night.  We had such a good time at the party and then hanging out with Aunt Dawn and Uncle Brett.  Great conversation, good drinks, and great food! : )  I am glad we live close enough to be able to make these events.
Everyone was thrown into the leaves at one point or another. Look how happy the boys are!
Where's that Uncle Keith?

Charlotte.....just smile a little bit....please?!
Truly, the winter jacket and hat was not necessary so the hat came off after awhile.  She did love to munch on that spatula though!  Charlotte was very tired and right before cake she fell asleep for an hour and half. So I was not available to monitor picture taking of cake and presents.
Cole is so good with dogs....big and small. For that I am grateful we had Brew and that he is around Dakota often. Charlotte on the other hand is already really nervous and afraid of dogs.
Pumpkin decorating!  Cole globbed all of his glitter glue on top of the pumpkin. It still isn't dry!

Awww! I love this shot!

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