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Christmas Morning

Christmas morning 2008 will forever be known as a Wall-E Christmas in this household.  All Cole wanted for Christmas this year was the Wall-E movie.  He went to bed talking about Chutes and Ladders because one of his teachers had brought it into to school (and was excited when he opened it as one of his presents in the morning) but woke up once again asking if Santa had come and if he had brought Wall-E. We told him we'd have to go downstairs and see and then Brendan made us wait while he set up the camera. Poor Cole was so crazy with excitement. When he got downstairs he began tearing through his presents and quite honestly just tossing them aside as they weren't the Wall-E movie.  Brendan and I finally made the decision after 3 presents of Cole doing this to go open stocking presents saying that maybe Santa had put it in there.  It was the last present in his stocking and I don't think I've ever seen someone so excited in my entire life.  After that he went back to open his other presents under the tree and was happy about those too. Heaven help me if there comes a year when he wants something we cannot find!  I guess then we'll have a talk about Santa can't find everything or something. : ) In the past week Cole has come to love most of his presents but is still wary of his ice skates. We are hoping to take him out later this week. (He has previously stated he'll only go with Aunt Kerry- I guess he already realizes that she has the skills- not Mom and Dad!) Charlotte was happy just to be part of the excitement. She really likes her Sevi keyboard (which I just adore too)!  After watching Wall-E (Cole insisted) and a breakfast of homemade pancakes, we went off to my parents for the rest of the day.  Pictures to follow in a later post!  For now, enjoy these photos of the morning. I couldn't eliminate any of them from the blog- they all are so cute (in my opinion anyway!)
Charlotte loved the candy canes that Santa left in the stocking.
Cole loved his new Patriots baseball cap.  This was also the year of the hats as Cole also received a Londonderry hat and a Tiger Woods baseball hat from my parents as well!
Ah-yes, Wall-E. I don't think I need to say more.
This was the only photo I got of the two of them together on Christmas morning.
What did Santa bring in his bag? The next day Cole would ask me how Santa would get his bag back. I told him Mommy and Daddy mail it back to him each year. He was satisfied with this answer!
Brendan looks on as Cole opens one of his gifts (in Rudolph wrapping paper- Cole loves the movie)!
Charlotte (and actually Cole too) love music. It is the one thing that will always entertain her.
The  mess of Christmas morning.  The bee ride-on toy was a present to Charlotte. She LOVES pushing it around the house as she practices her walking. It's great because it turns every which way. She also loves getting rides!  Cole likes to use it when he goes around the house on a bear hunt. : 0 )
Cole and Brendan watching Wall-E (before we even had breakfast)!
Another common theme this Christmas....race cars!
Had to get one of Brendan assembling the soccer net- every Christmas he has to assemble something! : )
And the best present of all in 2008-- our Charlotte Elise!

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Charlotte is the BEST 2008 present!