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Christmas Eve

As with last year and we hope for many years to come, we had both our parents as well as Jay and Kerry over our house for Christmas Eve.   I am so thankful that we were able to move up this way last year to be closer to family. Gatherings like these don't happen  often enough but when they do we have so much fun!   For the second year in a row we had Grammy and Paw Paw (Brendan's parents), Mimi and Grandpa (my parents) and Aunt Kerry and Uncle Jay over.  We didn't know if Paw-paw could make it because he caught the stomach bug that was going around the Sevin clan but thankfully he did make it and we are very glad he did!   We started off Christmas Eve going to our church. We've been going to the Londonderry Methodist church for a couple months now and really like it.  The service was great and my favorite part of that was when we sang "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" and Cole sang the whole song loudly and proudly right next to me. (We've been singing it at bed time for the past month of so).    We then came back to the house and had lots of munchies and good conversation....some of it silly and teasing and lots of it wonderful.  Pawpaw and Cole spread out the reindeer food on the front steps so Santa would know where to stop.  Every so often we went onto the computer and tracked Santa via the NORAD website. Cole was so excited to see the little snipits of Santa and see what parts of the world he had been to.  Then, because our day had been a little crazy we had to forgo the making of fresh cookies and Cole agreed that the store bought cookies were good enough. He did point out that Santa wanted eggnog this year, not milk.  Before bed I red Cole the nativity story. Then while I was putting Charlotte  to bed he managed to wrangle Mimi and Grammy to read the story again two more times.  After the grandparents left, Jay and Kerry stayed to play Guitar Hero with Brendan while I wrapped presents.  It was just the kind of Christmas Eve I love!
Kerry was home from her first semester at Merrimack College. I think this low key party was a nice change from the wild crazy parties she attends at school. (Just kidding, Mom.)
Charlotte is so funny. Around the house or at school, she is full of energy, always smiling and laughing and playing.  (Allbeit, she always needs to be around me still.)  Away from home, she is clingy and stoic and likes to observe everyone until she is more comfortable with the situation.  Very different personality from Cole at this age, but just as wonderful of course!

Playing with Uncle Jay, tracking Santa on NORAD. and the presentation of the Christmas cookies and carrots.

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