Super Sevins


Christmas with the Sevins

This past Saturday we celebrated Christmas with the Sevin clan. There are just too many cute pictures to narrow them down any further. The photos are just too great!  Cole and Cameron had a great time playing together as always and after opening gifts of cars and lots else, they had fun with races and other games boys make up.  Charlotte loved her stuffed lovies (as Cole calls them) and kept giving them kisses.  We are blessed to be part of such a loving wonderful crazy family!

Cole and Cameron waited patiently for their gifts.  Cole was so excited for all of his gifts. He loves the snowball make a little too much, choosing to use it as a noise maker around our house. We've since put it in the garage, waiting for just right the snow instead. : )  

Charlotte received a walker/stroller and was so proud of herself for pushing it around the living room.   


Amanda said...

Ha! Cameron and Olivia both use the snowball maker as a noisemaker too! Hence, it is now up high in the closet until we go outside.. I know, who brought the party pooper? :)

Katrina said...

Those pictures were so great! You're really great at capturing special moments.

Merry Christmas!!