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First big snowstorm

This past Friday we had our first big snowstorm of this winter.  It was beautiful that I think I was the most excited out of all of us to get outside and play!  Charlotte was not thrilled-- not liking to get bundled up and not being able to move at all! You can see from the last picture that I had to put her down (sitting at first!) to help Cole with his mitten. Well, in typical tantrum fashion she fell backwards and cried and cried. I had to laugh though because she did look so funny all bundled up just laying there. Don't worry though, I did pick her up after helping Cole!  Anyway, we didn't stay outside for too long- maybe 30 minutes because it was cold and windy but it was nice to be outside!  Cole and I made snow angels and he then proceeded to stomp all over my pretty creation.  Brendan and Cole played tackle football which each thoroughly enjoyed!  Charlotte was not pleased with the weather. I think next year she'll love it a bit more! (And oh yeah-- don't mind her mismatched mittens- we were rushing to get outside before it got too dark!)

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Lisa said...

Yet another baby in true "The Christmas Story" getup! I love it! She's the 3rd one I've seen! Sounds like you had fun. Rob said he and the boys missed you guys outside by like 5 minutes!