Super Sevins


Tip: Three-year-olds cannot keep secrets

Today was a bit crazy. I had to go into work because my work laptop was not connecting to the network at home and I needed to get some review completed. It is a significant blizzard outside so needless to say that was not fun driving. I met Brendan Cole and Charlotte at the mall afterwards.  About a 1/2 hour into shopping I just casually asked Cole what they did at home before coming to the mall.  He smiled at me and said "We went to a book store!" I laughed because although I hadn't meant to, I had just discovered one of my Christmas presents. Brendan had told me that they needed to go to a undisclosed location to go shopping for me. Brendan laughed and said "Cole you weren't supposed to tell!"  But Cole wasn't done! : ) He then said, "yea and we got you a machine so you can make toast." To which Brendan said, "Cole! That was a secret." I laughed so hard in the mall I think people turned around and smiled at us. Cole got a kick of it but I felt bad for Brendan because not a year goes by where I don't find out what I got for Christmas before Christmas! : )  

I told  Brendan to wrap up the bread machine anyway so I have something to unwrap on Christmas day.  

Too funny.


Lisa said...

HaHa!! Clearly Caden and Cole are conspiring for a no surprises Christmas... at least for us

By the way.. we can barely see your house through all the snow!!

Kelly said...

i know! The white house just blends in! : )