Super Sevins


A reminder from Cole

I admit it, up until this year Brendan and I were not very proactive about recycling.  But we got a recycling bin from the town hall in the beginning of the year and it is just as easy to put the recycling in the bin as it is in the trash, so we have been much better about it.  Cole's school is also proactive about recycling and his teachers encourage him to recycle his yogurt cups after lunch. So when Cole and I had a conversation about recycling it went like this:

"Cole put your yogurt in the trash please."

"No Mommy, you got to "cycle" (recycle) the yogurt cup. It is very important to cycle Mommy. You wash it and it goes in the big truck. 'Kay Mommy?"

"OK, Cole, Thanks for reminding me!"

They say our children teach us lessons almost every day. I know mine does!


Amanda said...

Good job Cole! Aunt Amanda is very proud. You keep those parents in line!

Mimi said...

OOPS !! Is that why all of those yogurt cups were in the sink!? I sure had fun throwing them away thinking that I was helping! Next time I'm sure Charlotte will correct me!