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Charlotte firsts

I completely forgot to post on the Christmas morning entry-- Charlotte has taken her first steps!!  Brendan witnessed them on Christmas morning as two little shuffles of the feet.  Since then she has taken up to four steps by herself and the look on her face when she walks is so adorable. She is so  proud of herself. She loves to practice walking by pushing her ride on toys on the house. She circles the house several times before she tires of it!

Charlotte's first word is "dat" as in "that".  She points and says it to everything.  We think she is saying Cole too ("Co") but are not sure as she doesn't say it all of the time.  

I took a look at the pictures from the past year last night since I am organizing them for a photo album and I cannot believe the changes in both Cole and Charlotte this past year!


Katrina said...

Way to go Charlotte!!

Lisa said...

Yay Charlotte! Soon she will be running from our Cole as he tries to pull her ponytail, grab her cheeks, eyes, nose, ears.. or whatever else he is in the mood for! Can't wait to see the album!

Holly said...

Hi Kelly!
I didn't realize you had a blog on here! I just found it. :) So many cute Christmas pictures, your kids are absolutely adorable!