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A little bit organized

Two of my faults (ahem, two of many, but no comments from the peanut gallery please! : ) ) are that I am messy and disorganized.  Every weekend I say that I want to organize this or that about my house and somehow life gets in the way and it doesn't happen. More often than not my bedroom is a war zone  with my floor winning out over the closet with the amount of clothes which leads me to think I have less clothes than I actually have. It's bad and I wish most days I could hire cleaners....and maybe a cook..and while I am at it...a personal stylist would be nice. But I digress....

A small personal achievement was made today...I organized the ridiculous amount of CDs that hold family photos from the past 3 and a half years. I bought a CD organizer and the CDs are in nicely covered pages that I can flip and find a month at a drop of the hat.  I love it.  And I feel slightly better about myself. : )

I also (finally, I know) made Charlotte's 1st birthday invites.   I am sorry to all of you who never received Christmas cards this year....I vow never to try to make my own Christmas cards again. Store bought all the way.  But I did make the 1st birthday invites and I love them. Simple and cute.

So, at 1am on this Friday night (Saturday morning) I feel a sense of accomplishment...finally.  


Amanda said...

Oh, Kelly, don't give up on homemade. They were beautiful! Next year, you and I will get together and crank out our Christmas cards!

Congrats on feeling a little more organized. I just finished the wedding video, phew, and now I can get down to the things that I have been meaning to do... Where to begin?

Lisa said...

Too funny! I started organizing last night too! Oddly enough in the last place that matters. The basement! But I've half filled a garbage can, so I feel good about it! During the day I also cleaned out some closets upstairs and started cleaning our room
Congrats on organizing.. hey.. are you nesting with me?!

Kelly said...

Ha-ha, very funny Lisa!!

It's the small accomplishments, right ladies?! : )

Amanda said...

To quote Bob, "Baby steps." Otherwise it's all too overwhelming!!!!