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Play time!

This past Tuesday we joined Rob, Caden, and  Cole back at the local play area (The Discovery Stop) for the first time since last winter.  I didn't want to take pictures just to take pictures but I did want to capture how Cole handled the play area differently this time around as opposed to when he was 2 and a half.  Well, I tried to capture photos of him but he and Caden were just too quick most of the time and I could not capture a photo of both of them. They were two nuts jumping through the jungle climbing structure. No Dads or Moms needed this time!  They are big boys now!  Charlotte was happy to explore or just sit there and laugh at the big kids running by! There was a big painting of a snowman on the wall and Charlotte pointed to it and would "dance". She thought this snowman would sing and dance just like her Frosty at home! I do love this place. Cole crashed about 6:30 that night!

Well, hello, there, Miss, what would you like to order today?
See? This picture is too blurry- they are quick!
Oh, Charlotte was tired and kept laying her head down on the mat. It was too cute.

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Lisa said...

Love the one of Charlotte "ordering" from Cole! He is such a good big brother!