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Charlotte updates

This past week I had a parent/teacher conference with Charlotte's teachers and Charlotte had her 1-year appt so lots to update!  Charlotte really does have teachers- her primary has a Bachelor's and is working on his Master's and the head teacher in the room has her degree as well!  I cannot say enough great things about Applewood. It is just an amazing place. Anyway, I met with Matt and Elena on Tuesday and they had such wonderful things to say about Charlotte.  They also make a scrapbook for each child in the room so I got to look through about 50 pages of photos and notes about Charlotte and her day. If I have to work, this is the next best thing. Here are some pieces they shared with me:
-Charlotte loves to interact with all of the other children/babies but has taken a special liking to Mason, a 6month old. She often walks over to him and waves at him, pats his belly and he just smiles and smiles at her. 
-she loves the sensory table and loves to paint or play with playdough. The nice thing is that the playdough is homemade and isn't toxic! : )
-she soothes herself to sleep for nap. What?! Who is this child and what have you done with my Charlotte?
-she loves, loves, LOVES music (this we know) which delights her teacher Matt because that is a personal love of his.  She bops along to the radio, classical music, whatever. 

Charlotte has yet to have a problem with separation anxiety and leaving me or Brendan while we go to work while she is Applewood. This is amazing to me but I know she is in good hands.

Today Charlotte and I went to her 1 year appt. It went really well. Short story (no pun intended)- she is in the 10th percentile for height and 25th percentile for weight.   She was born only 18 inches long so we suspect she will be short all of her life! Oh well!  Other than that, Charlotte got her MMR, Hep A, and Chicken Pox vaccines. It is still amazing to me that Cole and Charlotte will never get Chicken Pox. It seemed like a rite of passage to go through when i was a child! I remember I got Chicken Pox when my family was on vaca in Montana. I still have a small scar on my forehead from this virus!  Anyway, the doctor and I also talked about Charlotte and her lack of sleeping by herself and she was actually completely supportive of me! Love it! She explained to me that she breastfed 2 of her 3 children until they were 15 months and she had each of them in the bed with her until then as well too. She said it is hard to try to get them in their bed of course at that point because for her, her daughter would yell- "Help me, Mommy! A little heartbreaking to be sure! She told me that she was really glad I had nursed Charlotte for the year and to let go when I was ready because it was just fine.  Everything else with Charlotte checks out! She's starting to formulate words and expresses herself just fine.  

Bring on toddler time!


Lisa said...

Don't you love how kids behave beautifully (in this case Charlotte's naps) at daycare, but at home it's a totally different story? What gives!

Glad to hear Charlotte is doing well.. perhaps she could teach our Cole how to formulate some words?!

Kelly said...

When I say formulate words, she says "Gog" for "dog" (which she calls everything- dinosaurs, ducks, you name it) and a few other things. Your Cole still says way more than her! No worries!

Amanda said...

As you know, Olivia has been sleeping in our bed since day one. For the past few months I have been offering to snuggle instead of nurse. Well, the other night, she wouldn't settle so I asked if she wanted to nurse and she said, "No, snuggle." The past few nights she nurses a little but prefers to just lay down next to me to go to sleep. Little steps to the big picture of all of us sleeping in our own rooms.

Glad to hear Charlotte loves daycare so much! Sounds like a wonderful place.