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Why I should not watch Lost and try to multitask

Last night while watching Lost I tried to bake cookies and update the blog. Not a good idea! I undercooked some of the cookies and I think I set a record for the number of spelling errors in a blog. The show is dangerous. It sucks me in but I love it! And the cookies came out scrumptous anyway. : )


Amanda said...

Thanks Kelly! I can now add that to the long list of reasons why I don't watch Lost (or 24 for that matter). They definitely are not shows you should try to multitask to :)

PS I didn't notice any spelling mistakes, and I wasn't even multitasking ;)

Kelly said...

That's because I fixed them... : )

Lost is a REALLY good show but I think like you've said before you had to have watched it from season one otherwise it is really confusing. : )

I stopped watching 24. It is more of the same and has bored me already.

Amanda said...

I know it's a good show, I think the biggest reason is it's too intense for me and I can't stand not knowing what the heck that island is all about. Give me a crime drama where it's all neat and tidy at the end of the hour. That's my cup of tea! :0 You'll have to let me know what the deal is once they finally reveal SOMETHING to you! Haha!