Super Sevins


Last weekend we visited the Schwinns and headed out to Harvard's Natural History Museum. This place is fantastic and who would have known it existed- it's not really posted and just looks like another academic building. It has room after room of all of these stuffed animals (not the plushy kind!) and dino bones. The kids could run around and be loud and love all of the different animals. It was great. Charlotte, who is walking around just fine now, was loving being able to walk everywhere and just kept talking and pointing at everything. Cole was a nut and ran around with Gavin looking at everything as well. His definite highlight was being able to hold dinosaur bones. This museum was amazing and their collection was fantastic- it was Harvard afterall!
Charlotte enjoyed waving "hi" to the triceratops.
Gavin and Cole make a new friend, briefly anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I think Cole is ready for the SEE museum in Manchester! Hands on and fascinating!

I can see how much fun he was having here! The sponge age!