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Our second 1st birthday party

I have to say this 1st birthday party was a lot less stressful than Cole's was. I didn't go overboard on preparing food and I was smarter on what types of food I did provide (less of the type that I had to do detail prep work). Also, I actually took people up on their offers to make food for the party (Thank you Mom and Amanda!).  I know- what did they do with the real Kelly, right?! Well, I learned to just let go a little bit and it makes everything go much smoother!  We planned the party for mid afternoon, thinking Charlotte would have had two naps by the party time but in fact she only got one good nap in the morning and so the happy smiles (smirk) in the above picture was MIA during the party.  She was SO tired during the party and very overwhelmed at all of the people even though she knew everyone there.  It was a nice party, nonetheless and I enjoyed myself, as did Cole and Brendan.  Next year Charlotte will enjoy it a bit more!
Mom Sevin made THE most beautifully decorated cake-- even outdoing herself from when she made Cole's 1st birthday cake.  It was a beautiful cake and I felt badly cutting into it!
Cole and Cameron loved eating some of the lollipops from the cake! Olivia looks on as if to say, "hey what do you boys have there?"
I called Cole and Caden the opposite twins. Opposite colored shirts and the brown and blonde hair.
I LOVE this photo of Brendan and Charlotte even if she is not smiling.
Mom? When can I be done? Seriously?
Cole and Cameron opened Charlotte's presents for her while she looked on from the comfort of my lap.  Again so different than Cole. He was equally as tired during his 1st birthday party (having refused a nap all day that day) and instead was really silly.  I have to admit I like the snuggly part about Charlotte! : )
Charlotte liked the cake but loved the lollipop a bit more!
Look at the size of cake of Cole's! And he finished the whole thing. Now I know why he is able to maintain his weight....
Uh, Grandpa- stay away from my lolli....
The lollipop literally started to melt in her fingers because she would not let go (until I pried it loose!)
At the end of the day, the two of them kept going. It took me a hour to put Charlotte to bed because she was so overtired! Cole also was tired but kept getting up. Lots of great excitement!


doubletrouble said...

Too cute! I love the new family pic, and that cake is adorable!!!

Amanda said...

It was a great party Kelly! Just think, if you have another baby you have to plan THREE parties a year. That's just me looking on the bright side of our husbands not wanting more babies :)

See you soon!