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Charlotte's first birthday

We all stayed home for Charlotte's birthday. Well, we didn't go to daycare or work on the 16th. But we did have an excursion during the day! We originally were going to go to the Children's Museum in Boston but it was FREEZING and we did not feel like walking through the city on a day like that.  We did set off for Natick, MA to visit the American Girl doll store to buy Charlotte a doll for her birthday. Brendan and I have been talking about her first bday present for some time and we wanted to get some kind of collectible doll for her to enjoy later on. We first thought maybe a Madame Alexander doll and then I found the 2008 AG doll and I loved it. Unfortunately we didn't act fast enough to buy the 2008 AG doll before it sold out. The AG store is literally doll heaven.  They have a doll salon (crazy, right?) and two floors of dolls. It was fantastic. Brendan and I ultimately decided on purchasing the Bitty Baby twins for Charlotte which are beautiful dolls that she can also play with sooner than she would if she had one of the girl of the year dolls.  I can't wait for Charlotte to grow older so we can go back and enjoy the store together! : )  The Natick Mall is very impressive as well-- lots of wonderful stores (Hanna Andersen!!  Nordstrom!!  Tiffany's!!) and I think I'll be back there soon for a nice shopping day with my BFF. : ) We didn't go into any of the stores while we were down on Charlotte's birthday as after all, it wasn't my birthday for me to celebrate! 

Robyn, Gavin, and Morgan called Charlotte first thing in the morning to sing her Happy Birthday!  Charlotte couldn't wait to hold the phone and listen. She bopped along while they sang! It was so cute.

Charlotte had her favorite for bfast- pancakes!  She gobbled them up.  

This is was taken while waiting for cake! Love the smile!

After many years, I finally attempted my great-grandmother Luptak's Czechoslovakian chocolate frosting. It is so rich and wonderful and you can only truly enjoy it if you love chocolate.   The frosting takes 3 hours to make and you have to be patient or it won't come out right!  I also made the chiffon cake that my Mom has always made with the frosting. It is so good.  I last attempted this cake/frosting when I was 15, for my Mum's birthday. It came out horrible. Now, I know just a teeny bit more about cooking (for those of you who know me-- I LOVE to bake and cook) and the frosting/cake came out perfect! 

This was Charlotte's first taste of cake and ice cream! She loved it, although she loved the frosting a bit more. She managed to eat all of the frosting and left most of the cake which is exactly what Cole did at her age too.

She especially loved it when I spoon fed her more frosting!

Brendan and his little girl!  We love you Charlotte! This past year has been wonderful beyond imagine!

Charlotte is growing up and is such a joy!  She actually loves daycare (or "school" as we call it) and we've been told she is quite the little mama! She loves to take care of the little babies, often when they cry, she'll toddle on over to them and try to hold their hands. So cute!  Charlotte is a giggler and loving walking now.  Cole is a constant source of entertainment for her and she loves to sit and sort things out, like taking things in and out of boxes and taking the cap off of containers and putting them back on. : )  She still will not sit and read stories and will not sleep well, but that will come with time. One thing I've realized with the second  child is just to take things as they come.  And I am loving each day with each of my children! 

Pics of the party to come soon!


Lisa said...

Hmmm.. now I am sad I didn't try your cake on Sunday!! You'll just have to make it again!

Kelly said...

How about I make it for a "Your not pregnant anymore !" party! : )

Kelly said...

Or "You're"....which ever you choose.... : ) I wish I would edit before I post!

Lisa said...

Is cake allowed?! I guess I'll still sorta be eating for two since I'll be feeding the babe! I can already tell I'll have a lot to take off! We'll definately have to have after dinner neighbor walks once the weather gets nice!